Wellness in India (South)

Wellness in India (South)

8 Days/7 Nights

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Nestled in the hills overlooking Om Beach, SwaSwara is a retreat for the mind; body and soul, offering guests a place to relax, recalibrate and refocus. Let the elements of nature embrace you as you relax in comfortable, private cottages and unwind and cool down by the large pool. SwaSwara offers several well-being programmes and a wide range of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and more. Programmes start from 5 nights and can be extended and tailor-made to suit your needs.

SwaSwara, Gokarna (Goa)

Programmes start at 5 days but may be extended for as long as you wish.

SWA our Wellbeing holiday is the beginning of an exploration of the Self, offering all round wellness with a flexible regime that could be considered as our signature 'Wellbeing holiday'. Starting from 5 nights it is all about learning to rejuvenate the SwaSwara way and balance your life. To Relax, Recalibrate and slow down in order to be able to refocus on your inner song or "Swara". A comprehensive programme with an introduction to yogic kriyas, asanas, meditations and Pranayama, guided art sessions with our resident artist to express your creativity and relaxing Abhyanga Ayurveda massages to de-stress the physical self. Included are consultations with the Ayurveda and Naturopathy doctors, private yoga sessions and counselling by our experienced naturopathy and yoga teams. Your 'Swa' holiday can be extended as wished with a price advantage & attractive add on inclusions for longer stays.

PRANA a structured, curative and healing Ayurveda focused programme. Starting from 14 nights onwards it includes a daily Ayurvedic therapeutic treatment. Suitable for rejuvenation or to address specific ailments like arthritis, digestive disorders or skin problems,it can be extended as wished. Bookings for the "Pancha Karma" are accepted but remain subject to a minimum stay of 21 nights. The diet during the 'PRANA' program will be strictly Dosha based and purely vegetarian as per Ayurveda tenets, which will be further personalized by the Doctors to suit the individual's constitution.

SWASTHA a structured detox and cleanse programme unique to SwaSwara. Starting at 14 nights this program is an amalgamation of naturopathic and Ayurvedic principles that can be extended as wished. Included are both naturopathic therapeutic body treatments such as body wraps and deep tissue massages as well as Ayurvedic therapeutic body treatments such as the Dharas, Kizhis and Bastis. During this programme you will be under the supervision of naturopathic doctors and while the diet will be Dosha based and purely vegetarian as per Ayurvedic tenets it will also feature plenty of raw cuisine as advocated by naturopathy. An important part of your daily regime during this programme will be a nightly dose of "Triphala choorna" a mix of specific Ayurvedic herbs which assist the body to release and get rid of accumulated toxins.

Irrespective of the chosen programme, resident guests can avail any of the daily in house offerings - activities range from: guided nature walks, butterfly and bird watching, interactive hands on cookery sessions with the Chef, a weekly boat cruise from Om beach to Town beach to explore the temple town of Gokarna and visit the weekly farmers market to experience the colours and smells of rural India. Weekly cultural programmes at dinnertime showcase traditional music or dance forms.

• 7 nights' accommodation in spacious Konkan Villas • Breakfast, lunch and dinner • Daily group yoga and meditation sessions • Return transfers from Goa Airport • Unlimited Indian teas • Healthy cookies.

Dependent on your length of stay, Ayurveda massages, de-stress therapies and private yoga sessions will also be included.

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Booking conditions

There are a variety of programmes available and they may be extended as required. Please contact World Journeys for details. SwaSwara puts emphasis on natural foods (meat, hard liquor, coffee, eggs and refined food do not feature in the diet).

Please refer to World Journeys terms & conditions.

Not included

Fruits and juices, coconut water and snacks ordered out of mealtimes. A selection of Indian wines is available but not included in the cost. Additional of longer boat cruises. Additional Ayurveda treatments.